Maven Optics - A First Look

Maven Optics - Product Review by Clay Allen Maven – (mā-ven) 1. A trusted expert 2. One with knowledge based on accumulation of experience.  On a not so recent trip to Lander Wyoming, to visit my fiancé's family, I discovered a new binocular. We made a pit stop at Wind River Outdoor Company, a relatively new sporting goods store in Lander. I noticed the binoculars stacked and sitting on the shelf with a computer. Now, anyone that knows me, already knows I cannot walk past a shelf full of optics without stopping and checking for new designs or products. At first glance I thought they were Brunton, but when I picked them up and read Maven, a new name to me in the optic industry, they really piqued my curiosity. Looking at the kiosk I noticed you could customize your Mavens with a variety of different colors and five different camo patterns. Two Kuiu patterns, two different Kryptek patterns and Kings.Bino Options2 I asked the customer service representative if I could take them outside to have a look around. It was getting late in the evening and the sunlight was definitely fading. I was impressed with their clarity and ability to capture the remaining light, not to mention the very durable construction of the body. When I took them back inside I asked how much they cost and I was shocked at how affordable they were compared to all of the higher end binoculars on the market today. At the WHE in Salt Lake City I had a chance to speak with Brendon Weaver one of the co-owners and the designer of Maven. I learned that his resume included working for Brunton as their designer. This explains the similar body styles of the two brands. After the expo I got ahold of Brendon and he sent me a pair of demos to see how I liked them. As soon as they arrived I took them out on my balcony and started glassing the surrounding hill sides until dark. Having my Swarovski's and Maven binoculars side by side I was able to make a visual comparison. My Swarovski's are old, in fact they were purchased the first year the EL's were available, but the visibility and clarity difference between the two was unnoticeable. The next couple of days I spent the early morning sunrise comparing them with My EL's, some brand new EL's and Leica's. In the order of best to worst the new EL's were number one, second and third tied with Mavens and my old EL's and last the Leica's. The 10X42 Maven Binoculars come complete with a durable sturdy frame that weighs in at 29.75 oz. the closest focal point is at 6.5 feet. They have scratch and oil resistance coating, purged with nitrogen and glass that is competitive with any of the leading optic manufacturers. The focus dial is very sensitive and smooth moving. Their warranty is fix or replace on any accidents or manufacture defects, which means if you accidentally run them over they will fix or replace them. Don’t forget customizing your own binoculars is fun.The most unique option is being able to inscribe your name and phone number on one of the ocular rings. Customize Features When you start comparing prices and quality you will see that Mavens may cost a lot less (due to the fact that they only sell direct, with no retail markup) but quality was not sacrificed. I personally liked the B2-full frame enhanced binoculars in the 11x45 with the black Kryptek Camo and Orange rings and focal wheel. I give them an A+ on quality, price, durability and warranty. So if and when you are in the market for a great pair of binoculars I highly recommend looking through a pair of Mavens. For more information on Maven Optics visit:

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