Crispi Lapponia GTX Review - More than just an Early Season Boot

Crispi Lapponia GTX Review - More than just an Early Season Boot

Like many hunters, finding the right boot can sometimes pose a challenge, and I’ve been through my fair share of models over the years. I’ve tried everything from early season tennis shoes to snake boots in the Texas heat, and struggled to find a boot that I really loved for multi-season use, that is, until I purchased a pair of Crispi Lapponias - they quickly have become my favorite all-around boot.

Boot Features:

The Italian-made Lapponia features a Nubuck (suede type material) upper, and EVA midsole paired with a quality Vibram sole. At 7” tall and about 16 oz. per boot, they are really lightweight and feel like a hiking shoe with some added ankle support. They were true to size, I typically wear a size 10, and wear a size 10 in the Lapponia as well. Crispi lists the Lapponia as a 2-flex, meaning it is more flexible and suited for more mild terrain types.

Crispi Lapponia GTX Hunting Boot in Altitude Outdoors Gear Shop

My Experience with the Lapponia GTX:

I purchased a pair of Lapponia’s from our gear shop about a year and a half ago thinking they would be perfect for summer scouting, training hikes, and family camping weekends. When they arrived, I was surprised by their weight and fit. At only 16 ounces per boot, they felt more like an athletic shoe than a hunting boot. I took them on my first hike, an overnight with my son and father-in-law to a high country lake a few miles from my home in western Wyoming. We packed over a steep ridge, with fly fishing gear, and our camp kits. I wasn’t carrying a ton of weight, but enough to appreciate some ankle support when needed. The stiffness, although fairly flexible, seemed to be rigid in the right places as I found them to be fairly stiff laterally, allowing for good side-hill performance, and good traction on steep shale and loose top surface like a worn down horse trail. 

Resting by high mountain lake in crispi Lapponia GTX boots

I was expecting a little bit of break-in time but didn’t have any hotspots, blisters, or other issues after returning the following evening. I was impressed and continued to love the Lapponia boot throughout the summer, through a few scouting trips, bike trips, and ultimately early season deer and elk hunts, river crossings, and packets. I was planning on transitioning to a different boot as the season progressed but just kept going back to the Lapponia. I ended up wearing it all season, and into a 2nd season November Colorado deer tag.

I’m sure the Lapponia will be a mainstay on my feet for the coming seasons. This year Crispi has announced a 2nd generation of this boot in the Lapponia II GTX - if they improved on the predecessor, they’ll be an incredible boot that should be considered if you’re looking for a lightweight option that can cover a lot of different hunting terrain, seasons, and functions. 

Hiking in Wyoming Mountains

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