Make Your Own Tipi Tent/Shelter - DIY

May 30 , 2017



Make Your Own Tipi Tent/Shelter - DIY

Tipi's are an awesome backcountry shelter options because they're lightweight, have a ton of head room, lots of floor space for hunters and gear, and work very well with a stove during late season hunts. Many hunters are using a tipi because of it's versatility. Like most quality gear items, a quality tent or tipi can be pretty expensive. Altitude staff member, Caid Evans, decided to make his own tipi. In this video he lays out his materials and the process of making his tipi. His goal was to build an Octogon tipi that was lightweight and packable enough to carry in a backpack, but provide enough room for 4 hunters and their gear. Caid hunts a lot of different states for Mule Deer, and some of those hunts will be late season. He needed a shelter that would work for himself and a few hunting partners during any hunting season. Final Weight: Material: 3lbs 6 oz. Pole: 13.8 oz. Total Weight: 4lbs 3.8 oz. A list of materials used can be found at the end of the video. Check it out! Feel free to post any questions in the comments of this post! Outline: Introduction: 0:00 - 0:46 Materials Explained: 0:47 - 4:21 Dimensions and Seam Description: 4:22 - 6:15 Sowing: 6:16 - 8:08 Stake Grommetts: 8:08 - 9:46 Setup of Final Tent: 9:47 - End

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