Kuiu Peloton Full Review

Aug 06 , 2015



Kuiu Peloton Full Review

KUIU’s vision is to create the finest, high quality, lightweight mountain hunting clothing on the planet. Based upon lightweight functionality the team at KUIU and Toray have now designed their new Peloton clothing for extreme, hard core hunters who face some of the most difficult weather conditions, challenges and terrain on the planet. The Peloton Collection introduces another revolutionary innovation from Toray – patented Primeflex yarn, which is knitted, not woven into fabrics. It dries faster, weighs less, lasts longer and stretch without elastic! Water literally evaporates off these hydrophobic fabrics that combine wind resistance and breathability. They also feature medical-grade odor control performance. The Facts: The exciting new Peloton series from KUIU introduces three amazingly “warm for-their-weight” high-performance knit fabrics; 130g next-to-skin, 200g jersey fleece mid layer, and a 240g wind-resistant bonded fleece. Peloton fabrics feature the revolutionary Makspec odor control treatment created by Toray’s medical division. Makspec helps block odor-causing bacteria from penetrating polyester based fabrics. Peloton is quiet, warm, breathable and doesn’t feel wet against your skin during periods of high exertion. It is extremely comfortable due to the Primeflex knitted yarn, is dependable, packable, breathable and wind resistant. The release of KUIU’s Peloton clothing line is a major game changer for mountain hunters who exert themselves physically while out on the mountain. The 130g crew-t’s have been designed to be worn alone or as a next to skin base layer and are intended to keep core body temperatures regulated, wick moisture, and subdue odor. The 200g Zip-T’s were designed as a your mid layer garment to provide maximum warmth, comfort, and moisture control at a very minimal weight. In many instances the 200g Zip-T will be all you need for warmth. However, when it is bitterly cold, adding the 240 Full Zip Hoodie to complete your layering system will insulate you against the wind and cold. PELOTON 130 LS CREW-T Kuiu Peleton Crew 130 • Toray Primeflex 100% Polyester Yarn • Toray Makspec Odor Control Treatment TECHNICAL FEATURES • 6.2 ounces • 130 g/m2 fabric weight • Ultra lightweight next to skin base layer • Wear alone or layer • Toray Makspec odor control treatment • Moisture-wicking and quick drying • All direction stretch with no spandex fibers • Thermo-regulating • Highly breathable • High abrasion resistance • Anti-pilling • Easy care no wrinkle • Great for everyday wear PELOTON 200 ZIP-T Peleton 200 Zip-T • Toray KARUISHI brand fleece • 100% Polyester • Toray Makspec Odor Control Treatment • YKK Zippers TECHNICAL FEATURES • 9.3 ounces • 200 g/m2 fabric weight • Mid-weight layering piece • Brushed fleece fabrication technology traps warm air inside fabric • Toray Makspec odor control treatment • ½ Zip for heat release and added ventilation • Moisture-wicking and quick drying • All direction stretch with no spandex fibers • Maintains shape • Thermo-regulating • Highly breathable • Anti-pilling • High abrasion resistance • Easy care no wrinkle • Great for everyday wear KARUISHI YARN FEATURES • Special brushed fabrication traps warm air inside fabric • High volume knitted fabric • 2 layer construction • Brushed yarn connected to backer yarn • Soft and fine polyester • Extremely lightweight • Greater abrasion resistance PATTERN & CONSTRUCTION • Raglan sleeves • Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort • Continuous underarm/side panels for added comfort • Color blocked side panels (solids only) • Flat lock stitching PELOTON 240 FULL ZIP HOODIE Peleton Full Zip Hoody • Toray Actwind VS Wind Resistant Knitted Fabric • 100% Polyester • YKK Zippers TECHNICAL FEATURES • 15 ounces • 240 g/m2 fabric weight • Heavier weight mid-layer or outerwear piece • Wind resistant layered construction • Brushed fleece fabrication technology traps warm air inside fabric • Full zip construction • Moisture-wicking and quick drying • All direction stretch with no spandex fibers • Maintains shape • Thermo-regulating • Highly breathable • Anti-pilling • High abrasion resistance • Easy care no wrinkle • Great for everyday wear PATTERN & CONSTRUCTION • Framis film reinforced thumbholes • 2 mesh lined zippered hand pockets • Raglan sleeves • Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort • Continuous underarm/side panels for added comfort • Flat lock stitching • Color blocked side panels (solids only) HOOD FEATURES • Anatomical hood for warmth and comfort Glassing High CountryGLASSING AT HIGH ELEVATION WEARING MY PELOTON 200 ZIP-T HOODIE My Story: I can’t emphasize enough the importance of lightweight, quality, warm clothing that is made specifically to meet the demands of mountain hunters, backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. With the recent release of the Peloton 130 LS Crew T, the 200 Zip T and 240 Full Zip Hoodie I knew immediately that I had found some quality lightweight insulating clothing that I could utilize in mild temperatures or for bitter cold. A high priority on my personal list of gear KUIU’s Peloton line is well worth the money. I have particularly liked the 200 Zip T Hoodie as it is the perfect weight to carry on my extended backpack/hunting trips. The new synthetic yarn named Primeflex that Toray has came out with has performed like a true champion for me. Not only is Peloton’s Primaflex synthetic yarn extremely comfortable but it is soft, quiet, tough, and has stood up to my abuse while hiking through thick oak and brush. When I’m sitting on a high point glassing in the cold wind of a new day or the crisp bite of a late evening I quickly pull my 200 or 240 out of my pack to protect me from the wind, rain, and keep me warm. I’ve appreciated very much the flexibility of this fabric as it is not restrictive in any way to my movements and the Toray Makspec Odor Control Treatment is truly amazing. Randy Keeping Warm in Peleton from KuiuPeloton Keeping Me Warm and Comfortable I especially enjoy wearing the 130 LS T Crew as a base layer. It doesn’t feel scratchy against my skin and does a super job of wicking moisture. None of us like to feel the cold of a wet base layer saturated with sweat after we’ve hiked a long ways. Remarkably, the 130 Peloton just doesn’t feel wet on my skin like other clothing that I’ve worn. I have no issue in stating that “all 3 items of Peloton clothing are exceptionally comfortable” and have lived up to the “hype” surrounding the new Primeflex synthetic yarn. It’s no secret that I’m one of those people who has a tendency to get cold easily as I can be freezing out on the mountain when my hunting buddies or clients who have hot metabolisms are too hot. Therefore, lightweight but warm quality clothing such as the Peloton line is just what the doctor ordered for me. Not only do I benefit from not having to worry about packing bulky, heavy clothing that will simply weigh and slow me down on my hunts but know that I’m prepared to face the worst weather possible and still stay longer out on the mountain. Guides as well as hunter’s know how important it is to be out glassing before the break of dawn and until it is too dark to see after the sun goes down if we expect to locate trophy animals. This means sitting stationary for long periods of time in the cold without a fire to get you warm. By utilizing my Peloton clothing as a layering system in combination with my KUIU Quixdown Jacket I can go “toe to toe” with the cold of Mother Nature and continue to stay out in the elements glassing until the trophy animal I’m pursuing steps out of the thick timber or brush to show themselves. It’s simply amazing to me how technical hunting clothing and gear has become. It is a very competitive business and there are many great companies producing some absolutely phenomenal gear. It can be a difficult decision to choose from the different options out there on the market. For me, it is important that the gear I choose will give me many years of use and is of high quality. I also want the camo or solid color patterns I wear to be effective but to also look sharp. I’ve been wearing KUIU clothing and utilizing their gear for over 6 seasons now and I believe in its use for both cold and hot weather. When I don’t like something I’m not afraid to communicate my thoughts to the team at KUIU as they have always be willing to listen to what I have to say. I always tell hunters and outdoor fanatics who want the best in quality gear and read my reviews to do your research before making a purchase. With the technology age you can access KUIU’s website at http://store.kuiu.com and read their blog and forum links. Carefully consider the comments of other mountain hunters who are not afraid to voice their opinions, positive or negative. Invariably, they have some great questions and thoughts. I do appreciate the fact that Jason Hairston and the entire KUIU team are not afraid to ask you, their customers, for direct feedback. They want to hear about your experiences with any of their gear, good or bad. It’s my opinion that they are very receptive to new ideas. I personally have found that if an item of gear hasn’t performed as expected that KUIU is willing to make the necessary improvements that will make it better in the future. When I purchase expensive hunting gear I expect the very best in customer service from any vendor if I find that their product has something wrong with it. In instances where I’ve had to contact KUIU regarding a question or concern the KUIU team has always been extremely customer oriented and have treated me with respect. In regards to the Peloton 130 LS Crew T, it is offered in Graphite, Major Brown, Vias or Verde Camo and can be purchased for $49.99. The 130 can also be purchased in the SS Short sleeve for $89. The 200 Zip-T comes in these 4 colors also and is priced at $99.99. If you don’t want the hoodie it runs $89.The Peloton 240 Full Zip Hoodie is the heaviest Peloton garment with its remarkable wind resistant fleece and runs $149.99. It can be ordered in all 4 colors also. In concluding my review on KUIU’s Peloton line, I highly recommend all 3 items of clothing as they have exceeded my expectations for quality and high performance. What They Could Do Better Peloton is exceptional clothing. I have no recommendations for KUIU on this product. Thanks for reading my reviews everyone. I hope you find them helpful. Good luck out there on the mountain, continue to “keep your boots” warm and stay safe. Life is about personal sacrifice, unrelenting family support, unforeseen obstacles, and backbreaking work stained with the sweat and toil of dreams! Individually, you are a winner when differentiated by “unbreakable character," unashamed to shed tears whether in victory or defeat, taking precious time to smell the roses while “drinking the elixir of life” spawned by family and friends. Never stop dreaming as you compete in the ultimate goal of staying ahead in the indelible race of life. Remember, it is inevitable that twilight will eventually encompass us all. - Randy Johnson  

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