How to Choose the Perfect Phelps Elk Call

How to Choose the Perfect Phelps Elk Call

Choosing the Perfect Phelps Elk Call

Jason Phelps began crafting elk calls more than fifteen years ago, and his products swiftly rose to fame among elk callers and bow hunters because of their reliability, user-friendliness, and ability to generate authentic elk noises. Today Phelps creates the AMP series, the Pitch Black series, and the Signature lineup. Each call is made to produce different sounds. Some calls are simpler to use than others. Each call requires varying amounts of tongue and air pressure. 

The best Phelps Diaphragm for beginners:

The easiest-to-use call in the Phelps lineup is the Orange Amp. This call is designed to produce light cow sounds and bugles, making it a great starting point for beginners. Even mastering just a cow mew can still bring elk into close range!

Best All-Around Diaphragm Elk Call from Phelps

Our staff favorite for best all-around call is the Grey Amp. This call can make many different sounds, like soft mews or strong bugles. It is a medium-level call that is extremely versatile. We consider the Grey Amp to be the Jack-of-all-trades in the Phelps elk call lineup.

Best Call for Large Bull Challenges and Dominant Calls

The Pitch Black 3 is our choice for making loud and resonant big bull sounds. This call takes a lot of pressure to reach the high notes, but can truly hit them. Callers can truly put a surprising amount of pressure on this call to make sounds that some other calls can't make. 

If you're looking for more information about elk calling, give the shop a call. We're always happy to discuss elk calling techniques, equipment, and just about elk hunting! For additional information regarding Phelps elk calls, stretch, ease of use, and more, view the chart below.

Phelps Game Calls Matrix Chart for Elk Diaphragms

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