Wapiti Whacker Elk Grunt Tube

Wapiti Whacker Elk Grunt Tube

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From high pitched screams and challenges, to display and location bugles, The Wapiti Whacker will make them all! With all of these innovative ideas all wrapped up in one unit, you can now expect the accuracy, realism and ease of use in this Bugle Tube. The most realistic sounding elk grunt tube ever! #137

  • The Wapiti Whacker utilizes the V.E.T.T. Calling System (See PG. 6) placed in the mouth end opening to help create better backpressure, aiding in easier to obtain note changes.
  • The dimensions of the inner hole size help to create deeper, raspier base sounding chuckles, growls and grunts, along with the larger chamber to create the accuracy and realism of elk calling.
  • V.E.T.T. Mouthpiece enlargment ring included for optional 1 1/2” mouthpiece opening.
  • The rubber coated end for eliminating plastic vibration sounds.
  • The overall length for ease of packing in the mountains.
  • Includes camo cover and lanyard.

The V.E.T.T. system contains a spring tuned to the precise dimensions that is located in the front section of the call. The spring helps create more volume, stabilizes the higher notes, maintains higher pitches and takes less air pressure to operate while blowing into it.

Mouth opening: 1” / Length: 20”

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