Tight Spot 3 Arrow Quiver

Tight Spot 3 Arrow Quiver

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Tightspot quivers are hands down the best quiver on the market. They are extremely lightweight, adaptable to any arrow diameter, and sit tight against your bow to reduce vibration, and maintain the balance your bow was designed to have! Upgrade once, and you’ll never buy another quiver again!

  • Fit tight and are so light you won’t even notice they’re on your bow
  • Quick Draw arrow system puts your arrow close at hand for a second shot
  • Super quiet performance; ideal for close-in shots
  • Act as stabilizers for more accurate shooting
  • Hold arrows tight, eliminating lost or dropped arrows

TightSpot - "The quiver that fits tight to your bow!" Tight spot quivers are our favorite quiver on the market. These quivers are lightweight and adjust to fit tight against your bow, allowing for great balance and accuracy while you quiver is attached to your bow. They are also quick to detach if needed. The new 3 arrow quiver saves ounces, inches and allows you to be super lightweight!

    6.86 oz.
    15 3/4"
  • HOOD:

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