Scott Talon Release

Scott Talon Release

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The NEW Talon from Scott Archery is the straightest shooting hook style release available today.

The Talon delivers 100% hook clearance – creating extreme accuracy and tunability. The single sear driven, inline design of the Talon release reduces string loop torque. With the quality and precision you expect from Scott Archery. The auto-returning stainless steel hook gives you an eagle-like grip. From draw to anchor – shoot straight with TrueCenter pull and total loop clearance.

  • More tension adjustment than any other release
  • The only hook style release with TrueCenter pulling to reduce loop torque
  • 100% loop clearance – no more string ticks
  • Fully-adjustable trigger and travel adjustment
  • Grip ridges for accurate pull
  • 9 different length adjustments
  • Interchangeable trigger (swept or straight)
  • Auto-reset returning hook
  • Single sear design
  • Zero travel
  • Torque-less fall away connector strap

Available in Black

The Scott Talon Archery Release features a metal string loop that easily attaches to your d-loop.  The Talon features increased adjustment for tensio, trigger and travel, and is the only hook style release on the market with TrueCenter pulling to reduce loop torque. The single sear design of the Talon release makes for a lighter trigger and incredibly smooth release with zero travel. Choose Scott Releases for the #1 release in the game, featuring the "Can't Beat it" guarantee. If your Scott Release requires repair for any reason, they will fix or replace it - no questions asked