Pline Floroclear Fluorocarbon Coated

Pline Floroclear Fluorocarbon Coated

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Pline Floroclear Fluorocarbon Coated is virtually invisible.  Has Superior knot strength and supreme castability.

The ultimate Copolymer Fishing Line

P-Line's FLOROCLEAR line allows anglers the opportunity to have the benefits of both Fluorocarbon and Copolymer.  With a Fluorocarbon coating FLOROCLEAR is virtually insvisible under water, the Copolymer insures strength and durability.

FLOROCLEAR has excellent knot strength, and works great on both spinning and baitcasting reels.  FLOROCLEAR will give anglers the extra edge to catch fish in tough conditions, and the confidence to put them in the boat.

Available in spools of 300 yards, different strengths / diameters available.

Color:  Clear