mountain house chicken teriyaki meal
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Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki Adventure Meal

Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki Adventure Meal

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Enjoy a warm and tasty meal on your next backcountry adventure! Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki with Rice and Vegetables delivers a tasty meal that's easy to cook! Just add hot water and wait a few minutes, and you'll be ready to enjoy a warm, delicious meal miles from home! Rice and chicken team up with mushrooms, bamboo shoots and other tasty veggies in our Chicken Teriyaki with Rice dish. Available in 2 sizes
  • Pouch: Pouches are ideal for camping or short backpacking trips. Simply add hot water directly to the Pouch and you're ready to dig in. Pouches are a 2.5 serving size, but many hikers, hunters, and adventurers choose to eat a single pouch themselves to meet their calorie needs.