Elk Reel - Hardwood

Elk Reel - Hardwood

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The Elk Reel Hardwood from REEL GAME CALLS isn't like your regular cow call. These premium calls are made from wood and create a soft, nasal, sound that makes elk talk back! The Elk Reel can be operated hands free, or using your fingers to change pitch. They are extremely easy to use and last for multiple seasons. Try one of our favorite new Elk Calls with the Elk Reel from REEL Game Calls!


  • Can be operated hands free, or with your hands.
  • All wood construction provides exceptional tone quality. It doesn't have the "plastic" sound found with most other calls on the market.
  • A Durable patented hinging action with a high strength steel spring gives a predictable play-ability.
  • Moisture does not affect performance and they work in extreme temperatures.
  • Uses ultra long lasting nitrile reeds.
  • CNC machining insures precise internal geometry.
  • Plastic reed retention pins make replacing a reed a snap.

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