The Best Gear

Our Mission: "To educate, inspire, motivate, and empower mountain hunters and anglers to be more successful in their outdoor pursuits."

Helping hunters find the right gear is a critical part of our mission.

Altitude is more than just a catchy name. We see gaining altitude as reaching new heights and greatness. We believe that we have the potential to get better and lift others as we seek these new summits and achievements in our lives.

Gear selection is easy when there is only one choice. But in most instances, that’s not the case. With a large selection of options available to today’s mountain hunter, we want to provide our customers with the best options available. It’s part of our selection process to research, and test the gear we carry in our shop to help you find the best tools and options that will fit your budget and will excel during your adventures for years to come.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that our gear selection is becoming more streamlined. We’re removing the fluff from certain brands that we’ve carried and choosing to carry the best options in several price points in order to simplify gear selection. It allows us to explain our purpose better in our video and editorial reviews and even simply in the selection that we carry. 

And, we want to start sharing this journey with you. We hope you will follow along with us, and trust us to help you find the best gear for your next adventure!