Altitude Outdoors Team

Brad Carter is the owner of Altitude Outdoors.  Growing up in western Wyoming instilled a passion for the adventure associated with the mountains and hunting big mule deer. Brad enjoys capturing his adventures with video and photography, and enjoys the challenge of business and marketing.  Take time to watch his self-filmed hunt (on the website under CONNECTED) where he kills a red-horned 197 inch non-typical buck.


James Barnes (right) is Altitude Outdoor's General Manager and Store Manager in Afton, WY. He grew up in Wyoming hunting, fishing and exploring the mountains. He feels lucky to have been able to do what he loves for a living which is shoeing horse and guiding big game hunts in the Wyoming Wilderness.  "I've always felt like I had it made if I was getting paid to ride a good horse in the mountains and learn new country."  

Kelly Child (left) has been a catalyst for harvesting some of Wyoming's biggest bucks including an archery buck he patterned and hunted off and on for two years before finally taking the giant non-typical.  His father, Jon Child, was with him when he killed a 380 bull with a rifle.  Kelly is also an avid fisherman and his record boasts a 40+ lb Lake Trout.  He's tough and he's one of the best hunt tacticians in the world. He's expert in Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Deer and other critters.  We're proud to have him on the team as an Altitude Outdoor's Field Pro.

This picture (above) is a picture of a bull James killed in 2003.  It was with an old Martin bow while the bull was fighting another bull.  The bull eventually dropped while the other bull continued to gore the archery bull, thinking HE was the one doing the damage. The first shot was 30 yards.  The final shot was taken while the bull was on his side at 5 feet while the other bull continued to gore the motionless bull.  When it was all over the triumphant bull picked his head up and finally spotted the true elk slayer and trotted off with his head held high.