Idaho Invasion Mule Deer Video #2

Hopefully you've had a chance to watch the first video of our Idaho Invasion deer hunt.  This hunt is a self guided hunt that Altitude Outdoors organizes every October. 2017 will be our 4th annual event. In part 2, you'll catch up where we left off in Part 1. We'd finally found an area that was holding a few bucks, and I had missed a nice one. We found our way back in the next afternoon to glass for the evening and before we even reached our vantage, we spotted two bucks in the trees. Mike hit one hard and our video jumps in as the adrenaline was rushing and we were going to go find his buck, that was laying above a big pine tree. This video also shows photos and all of the bucks that were killed during the invasion, including Jeff Hansen's 202" monster! Check it out!

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