Idaho Invasion Mule Deer Video

If you've followed Altitude Outdoors for very long, especially on social media you may be familiar with our self guided Idaho deer hunt that we organize every fall. In 2016 we expanded our event to 2 locations and hunted for a week at each event. This year I carried my cameras with me and filmed a lot of our hunt over both weeks. In order to keep the videos shorter, I made 2 videos for the first week's hunt. During the first part of the week you can see us get our feet underneath us in a new area and start to find some bucks. This hunt takes place on an over-the-counter general unit during the month of October. There was plenty of pressure, but after a couple of days we were able to locate some country that was holding bucks. In part 1, you'll see me miss a great buck, get 12 yards from a big bull elk, and have a good time chasing Idaho muleys! Check out the video and please leave your feedback. If you're interested in joining us next year on the Idaho Invasion, please feel free to send an email to

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