Nutrition by Nicholas Hammond

Nutrition by Nicholas Hammond

Nutrition is the backbone of any successful fitness program. It makes up approximately 70% of your entire program. Without proper nutrition, overall fitness is highly minimized.

What most people do not realize is how much food they should be consuming on an HOURLY basis. Ideally, one would have 6 clean meals per day, 3 small meals and 3 snacks. This will allow your body’s metabolism to stay strong and steady all day long, and allow your body to be constantly fueled without any starvation periods throughout the day.

*NOTE: When we are starving, we are storing.

There should never be a time during the day where you find yourself starving, because when you finally do get to consume a meal it stores rather using the food because it doesn’t know when it will get fed next. We want to be eating clean foods every 3 hours.

One analogy that I try to mention to my clients most often is imagining that your body is a campfire.

Imagine you are out camping, when you wake up in the morning the first thing that you do is build a fire, today we are going to stay in camp all day long. In order to keep the fire burning we have to keep wood on the fire throughout the day. By the time the evening rolls around, you have yourself a pretty raging fire. When we go to sleep, then wake up the next morning there is still warm coals from the day before. A little bit of kindling will get the fire up and blazing again. Today, we decide that we are going hunting all day, and when we come back to camp at night, the fire is out.

The point here is that your body IS a campfire. Without wood there would be no fire, and without food your metabolism has nothing to burn.  In order to keep your metabolism burning all day long, you have to feed your body frequently all day long.

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