Hammer Perpetuem by David Long

Hammer Perpetuem by David Long

Often times when you hear people talk about completing long trail runs such as marathons and ultras, you will hear them say, “proper nutrition is half the battle.” I could not agree more with this statement. On some of my earlier long runs I learned this all too well;  I would start out strong but towards the end, I would fade due to the lack of proper nutrition.

First and foremost, I am not a nutritionist, but, with that being said, through lots of trial and error, I know what works to fuel my body….and what doesn’t.  After many hours and literally hundreds of miles experimenting with different fuels, I have settled on Hammer Perpetuem as my number one fuel source for all of my long runs. This is true for both training runs and competitive races.

Product Details

Perpetuem was designed to be used as a primary source of fuel for exercise/races lasting two or more hours in duration. Product details:

  • Available in four flavors: Café Latte, Strawberry-Vanilla, Orange-Vanilla and Unflavored.
  • Available in single serving, 16 and 32 serving sizes.
  • Carbohydrates – No simple sugars. Perpetuem contains a specific maltodextrin, which provides nearly 87% of its caloric composition in long chain carbohydrates.
  • Protein – A calcium-enhanced soy protein isolate known as “XT” makes up nearly 10% of the caloric profile which is the same percentage that is cannibalized from muscles during long, slow workouts.
  • Fat – A de-oiled “super lechtin” is ideal for consistently fueling the body and maximizing energy production from stored fatty acids.
  • Sweetener – Perpetuem contains Energy Smart.


Perpetuem can be mixed a couple of different ways: as a drink, or as a gel/paste consistency. I personally prefer a consistency that is similar to a runny pancake batter. I find it much more palatable mixed this way, especially when exerting yourself in hot temperatures.  Here is how I mix it:

Step 1: Put 4-5 ounces of water into a shaker mug.

Step 2: Mix 3 scoops of Perpetuem powder in shaker

This will give you a mixture that is about the same consistency as a runny pancake batter. Once mixed thoroughly, I dump entire contents into a soft flask which will give me enough fuel for close to 3 hours. I take in a small amount every 20 minutes followed by a good amount of water.

Step 2

The flask I use is made by Salomon. Salomon actually sells what they call the Hydro S-Lab hydration set which consists of two gloves and an 8 ounce flask. The gloves have thin elastic straps which help hold the flask in the palm of your hand. For more details on the Salomon Hydro S-Lab set click here.

pour2I really like both the Café Latte and Strawberry Vanilla, with Café Latte being my favorite. The Café Latte also has 25 mg of caffeine per serving. I would suggest purchasing a single serving packet of each flavor to see which one you prefer. After that, it is much more economical to purchase the 32 serving size.

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