Getting Started by Michele Yates

Getting Started by Michele Yates

GETTING STARTED- How to start a strength and endurance program.

So you are planning a long hike, mountain hunt, or endurance event…but where do you begin in order to tackle that goal?

There are 3 important aspects when trying to pursue any sort of fitness goals: Nutrition, Cardiovascular fitness, and Strength.  For me, as well as many others, nutrition can be the most challenging.  I suggest focusing on your cardio and strength first.  Start with writing down goals and a specific regimen that consists of:

1. Goals- short and long term.  A. What are you trying to accomplish specifically? Weight loss, 3 hour endurance, strength for uphill climbing, eating better to avoid tummy trouble when you are out there? B. How are you going to accomplish those goals?

2. When are you going to do it? (Specific  time and day)

3. Print off monthly calendars and fill them in with your workouts per day so you have a visual aid as well as a place to jot down notes if your schedule/workout had to change.

Try to keep a weekly schedule, but even better... a program that will take you all the way up to your final goal.  This will allow you to see the time frame that you have in order to accomplish your long term goals while making smaller, more attainable and encouraging goals along the way.   With that said, think Quality over Quantity and work your way up!

Strength Training- should be done 2-3x a week with a day off in between if you are working full body. Core exercises should be included if not a priority! You may break down your strength training into upper body/core one day, then legs on the opposite days if need be.

Cardio- should be done most days a week depending on your schedule and goals.  Again, it doesn’t have to be a long workout …just a quality workout.   It can be anything like swimming, running, walking, elliptical machine, biking…etc

  • What is a quality workout?  Think shorter time but more intense.  Such as: 5-5-5 ( Do a 5 minute warm-up, 5 minutes at a steady harder pace, and a 5 minute cool down).
  • Intervals are also a great way to increase cardiovascular fitness.  Intervals would be look like this: 5(10x1min)5  2mR   Meaning: 5 minute warm-up, 1 minute hard, 2 minutes rest(walking), 1 minute hard, 2 minutes rest…and so on up to 10, then a 5 minute cool-down.

Nutrition-  I suggest focusing on the strength and cardio for the first few weeks, then dialing in your nutrition thereafter when you are on a more consistent schedule.  You would want to include eating lean proteins, low to moderate carbohydrates, and tons of fruits and vegetables!  Don’t forget to limit alcohol consumption and add in more water and electrolytes (Try GU Brew!).

An example of a full cardio week to get started on (can be applied to any type of cardio):

Monday:   5(10x30 seconds)5    1.5min Rest

Tuesday:  5-5-5

Wednesday:  5(5x3min)5  2min Rest

Thursday:  5-5-5

Friday: 5(7x2min)5  2minRest

Saturday:  5-5-5

Sunday:   1 hour (+) or more of trail hiking

*** Stay tuned for more informational articles on how to get your body to perform at it’s best!




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