Redesigned for 2014 - Sitka's 90% Jacket

May 21 , 2014



Redesigned for 2014 - Sitka's 90% Jacket

The 90% Jacket and Pant have been a part of the Sitka lineup as a mainstay for several years. It’s has always been an incredible piece of gear and a go to for many western hunters. However, due to Sitka’s nature of improvement and innovation, they've re-imagined the 90% series for 2014! The 90% series has always been a go to mid-season jacket and pants, and as such, needs to be able to handle warmer temperatures in the day, while keeping you warm in windy conditions and colder mornings and evenings. By increasing the wind resistance of the fabric, and body mapped the fleece backer to insulate where you need it and not cause overheating when you have to hike hard. Western mountain hunting provides a specific challenge for garments to not be too warm for hunters ascending steep climbs, and at the same time – provide enough warmth when they sit down to glass in the wind after they've reached the summit. The new design allows exactly this. The fabric stretch has also been improved to keep extra bulky fabric to a minimum and let you focus on the things that matter while hunting. The 90% series has always been a versatile piece of gear, but thanks to Sitka's innovation, it is even better! Add the 90% Jacket to your gear arsenal from one of the following online stores:


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