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As a woman hunter I have always struggled to find hunting clothes that will provide protection, functionality, and durability for all hunting conditions.  For years I have watched my husband and other men have access to top of the line gear such as Sitka and Russell Gear.  I was so frustrated with having to always buy men’s hunting clothes and paying extra to have it altered to fit me.  I was beyond excited the day Prois Hunting Apparel entered the hunting world.  It is about time that women have hunting gear that is comparable to men’s in every way! One of my favorite products from the Prois line is the Xtreme series jacket, pants, and vest.  A great deal of my hunting takes place in locations and times of the year where I am forced to deal with extremely low temperatures, icy winds, and snow.  I have always searched for clothing that will protect me in these conditions.  The Xtreme Series finally fit the bill. I have worn my Prois Xtreme jacket and pants in conditions such as cougar hunting in British Columbia in the middle of January, brown bear hunting on the Alaskan Peninsula in May and October, and elk hunting in the snowy mountains of Wyoming in late November.  In each circumstance the Xtreme series performed exceptionally well.  Besides the more than adequate warmth provided by the coat and pants, I was very happy to find that even with several layers I had a great deal of maneuverability.  With my previous cold weather layers I always felt very restricted in movement. The Xtreme Insulated Series features; *Soft, silent shell of 100% polyester 8000/5000 waterproof/breathable fabric *Insulated with 150 Gm 3M Ultra thinsulate *Lined with 100% nylon tricot for added ease of layering and movement *Deep chest and hand zippered pockets *All zippers have snap down sliders to ensure silence *Zipper garage at chin to reduce chaffing from zipper mechanism *Spandex inner sleeve liner to keep arms mobile, reduces drafting, and maximizes dryness *Velcro closures at wrist to further reduce drafting *Safety harness access at the base of the neck with magnetic tab closure *Hood with exterior drawstring closure that pulls hood away from face for peripheral vision. *Drawstring at waist to enhance warmth *Prois signature ducktail feature proisreview2 One of my favorite things about the Xtreme coat is the ducktail feature. This a flap of the jacket that is folded up and snapped in the back of the coat.  When there is no other choice but to sit down on the wet or snowy ground, you simply unsnap the tail and there is 12 inches of additional fabric that you can sit on.  This innovative feature protects your rear end from getting cold and wet.  All of my hunting buddies get very jealous when I unsnap my ducktail.  Another thing I love about wearing Prois is that it is designed specifically to fit a women’s body.  That is a very important attribute for comfort.  No more tripping on pant legs that are too long or having to wear a belt to hold my pants up.  A final point that Prois addressed when designing their line is that each layer is specifically built for layering.  Therefore, if I order a size small for my base layer, then each subsequent layer will remain a size small.  This takes all the guess work out of finding the right size for each layer as is prevalent with other clothing lines. Rebecca Francis Co-host of Eye of the Hunter TV

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