Paradox Packs Review - By Clay Allen

Dec 11 , 2013



Paradox Packs Review - By Clay Allen

Going into the 2013 season I was in need of a lighter pack so of course when Paradox contacted me to do a product review I jumped at the chance.  Upon receiving the pack I was shocked at just how light this pack was at just over four pounds it was a shocking 5 pounds lighter than my previous pack. As promised to Paradox, I would wear the pack for my entire mule deer hunting season and see just what kind of torture the pack could endure.  Although I have a somewhat larger chest and back I noticed the pack height was a bit annoying and constantly pulling me back even with the heaviest part of the load packed centrally or at the middle of my back.  I called Nathan with Paradox and he suggested that I tweak the frame and get the top of my frame closer to my neck (not recommended but worked for my body type).  With a total of 27 days living out of the Paradox Pack the  500 Denier Cordura fabric stood up well, it did get a couple small tears from the sharp rocks but they did not spread or open further even when the pack was crammed full of gear.  The articulating frame was a nice change and extremely forgiving as the packs got farther and heavier. Clay Allen Paradox Pack on trail The pack I had was a prototype and had one big cargo pocket and a talon bag that was big enough for a few snacks and a pair of binoculars but not big enough for my Camera and lenses.  I was also wanted a bottom access to the large cargo area which I was told was integrated into the packs before they hit the market.  After talking to the guys at Paradox about my Cons they were very receptive and said they had already remedied the majority of them. This pack was a great accessory for hunting season and although a prototype it was very functional and ultra-light.  Keep in mind in the pros and cons section was on a prototype pack and there have been some changes for the better to the finished product. Even with my Girlfriend’s small frame she could still load the pack with ease and wore it with comfort.  Also great as a day pack with the light weight and generous cargo area, not to mention it cinches up real compact when close to empty. Pros- Ultra-light, rugged material that holds up even when torn, articulating frame, ease of changing out parts if they do get damaged, comfortable harness even with large and heavy loads. Cons- Needs bottom access, needs partitions, extra side pockets and larger talon pack, material is a little noisy when it is below freezing outside. Clay L. Allen Sr ClayAllen_Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Guide2

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