KUIU Tiburon Pant by Dennis Donati

KUIU Tiburon Pant by Dennis Donati

This past year I was able to test out the Kuiu Tiburon pant in the field, on what would be my most demanding early archery season ever. I wore these pants for 23 days straight in Oregon and Washington. From the opening day of my Oregon antelope hunt in the desert and temperatures in the 90-100 degree range, to chasing elk and mule deer in another unit I drew my out of state tags for in Oregon and climate ranging from more hot weather to cold winds and driving rains. Tiburon-Pant-2The second week I spent in Washington chasing elk and deer in the mountains here in my home state, and then returned to Oregon the last week to finish my early season. I wore them in all types of terrain, in all kinds of weather from hot and sunny to low 50’s and driving rains and they performed excellent.

The small ventilation holes in the material really work to allow airflow through the pants and the side hip zippers open up a vent flap for cooling off in extreme heat or after climbing. I was also impressed with how well they repelled water even though they are such a breathable material. The next test was wearing them during late season hunting to see how versatile they were. I wore them for five days around Thanksgiving time in the snow and colder temperatures and they again surprised me with their performance. For colder weather I just put on a base layer underneath them, and my Yukon gaiters and I was completely comfortable. I found that I was warm enough, but still had the benefit of good breathability to cool down after hiking without sweating, but still had water repellency. Overall I was completely impressed with these pants and not only their performance, but their versatility. I will be ordering more of these to add into my gear selection.

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