Kenetrek Mountain Extreme & Mountain Extreme Guide Review - by Clay Allen

Dec 11 , 2013



Kenetrek Mountain Extreme & Mountain Extreme Guide Review - by Clay Allen

I bought my first pair of Kenetrek Mountain Extremes in 2009 about three weeks before the kickoff of scouting season.   The first time I put the boots on I knew they were in a class of their own.  Only wearing them a couple times before a nine day scouting trip left me with little worry as they were as solid and comfortable of a boot as I have ever worn.  The first day of the 9 day trip I walked about 6 miles with a 3000’ elevation climb.  When I made camp that night I had a hot spot on the bottom of each foot but no blister and the next morning my feet were as good as new.  By the end of the 09 trip I was sold on Kenetrek Mountain Extremes.  I have been used to buying a pair of boots every year as well and much to my surprise I seen a little bit of wear but the boots remained water proof and the tread held up great as well. The 2010 season went much the same and I put a lot of miles on the boots.  They maintained their comfort and remained water proof for the complete season.  By the end of the second season the tread was getting wore down but still effective.  Now I could have sent the boots in to get resoled but I thought I would see just how much I could get out of them before sending them in.  I managed to make them last through my 11 season but they were like racing slicks after the third year.  So they did last for three years and they were cost effective if you consider a new pair of boots a year for three years.  Now take into consideration that I never got one blister, they stayed comfortable and water proof for all three years.  It was a no brainer when I decided to buy a new pair what kind of boots I would pick. The only complaint I had from my Mountain Extremes was they would slip on the wet rocks and while side hilling.  After taking into consideration the other top brands and reading a boot review in Western Hunter Magazine.  I decided on the Kenetrek again but went with the Mountain Extreme Guide. The Extreme Guide are a much more rigid boot and when I bought them I did not know they had a long break in period.  Well I went on a ten mile hike and at the end of the trip my feet had several blisters and were sore as could be.  Luckily my old boots had been re-soled.  I made the rest of the 2012 season in the old boots and decided I would break the Guides in after season.  Now the Mountain Extreme Guides have a much longer break in but I noticed that they would side hill and their traction was great for maneuvering around the steep ridges and rocky terrain. Now my new boots are broke in and still offer the great comfort but with added stability on the steep rocky terrain, and I have a great pair for a backup pair.  I would like to add that dealing with customer service was pleasant, friendly and fast.  Not having to sit on the phone with an automated recording was an added bonus as well. Clay L. Allen Sr. ClayAllen_Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Guide2

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