Introducing Sadie Jo Accashian

  Hello, my name is Sadie Jo Accashian and I’m not the average girl. Most girls like to go shopping at the mall or love the color pink; they would rather go to the movies then to anything out in the woods. I’m not one of those girls. I was raised into the life of hounds and traditional archery. I’ve been shooting a bow close to 15 years now and I’ve never owned a different breed of dogs besides a hound. There is something about going out in the woods with one of the oldest forms of a weapon and making something of it. I’ve had conversations with people, particularly anti-hunters, because they don’t seem to understand what us hunters do and this is how I tell them what it’s like. We hunt because we want organic meat and hunting the animals is the most organic form of meat you will get. You know what it ate, how it died, and there there is no chemicals in the meat. Not to mention, if we wanted to eat meat and not care, why would we train, scout, prepare, waste hundreds of dollars, go into the remoteness of the woods, and hike around in the rain, snow, etc. We do it because we are hunters and we’re living on our instincts side of things. There is something about hiking around in the backcountry with a light drizzle of rain, hearing yourself think, and hearing an elk bugle. That is the most incredible feeling in life. You feel at peace and at home. Going into the woods, it does replenish the soul, because if you’re in a bad mood and you go out there, then you are a happy person. There’s little things that you experience being out in the woods that change you. Yes, there’s camping but it’s not the same; you’re not spot and stalking an animal, or calling them in. You’re pursuing our instincts that we developed when mankind first walked on this planet. Just like when you’re out in the woods and you feel like something is watching you; your hair stands up on the back of your neck, you get an awful feeling in the pit of your stomach, you’re paranoid, almost afraid; when a person feels that, there’s a cat watching them. Being a houndsmen with my own dogs, I have only felt this once, not to mention, I climb up the trees with the cats in it. People have their own ways of adrenaline rushes and that is mine. I will never take the thrill of the chase for granted but there’s always a humble feeling being that close to an incredible animal. ResizedImage951361582015854 Screenshot_2013-10-19-09-27-32

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