Fishpeople Corp Prepackaged Meals Review - By Dennis Donati

Feb 18 , 2014



Fishpeople Corp Prepackaged Meals Review - By Dennis Donati

I love and hate the end of January; OK, hate may be a strong word: I dislike. The reason for that is I turn another year older, which after you reach twenty five is a little annoying that they go by so fast. I love this time of year because every year the end of January is our local sportsman show here, and I take myself to it as a birthday gift each year. Most years it is just to look around for new products that have come out, or to check on previous ones on my wish list. Not until this year have I found products that I had never seen or heard of before and I was blown away by them. This is one of those products! I almost always wear a backpack when hunting, whether it’s early archery season or late archery season, and it always has freeze dried meals in it. Sometimes I do extended backpack hunts and stay out for 3­7 days and live off those meals. After eating a few of these meals, sometimes you just need a change. Well it’s here! For anyone who hasn’t heard of them before now, you have to check out the product line from Fishpeople Corp, a locally based company out of Portland, OR. They have a very well outlined, and simple business moto or plan, to provide their customers with seafood based, non­GMO, all natural ingredients, gluten free (except one meal which has a small amount in the pasta which is included in the meal) meals. They strive to make meals that are convenient, delicious, local, sustainable,healthy and affordable. They have a very well laid out website and it is full of information and facts about how and where their seafood comes from, how to track all the ingredients in every one of their products, and where to find them. Now the good part, the taste! I was surprised when I tasted a sample at the sportsman show, it tasted great. I generally am not a big seafood person but I tried three different meals there, and bought all three before I left the show. They use big chunks of real seafood, and then surround it with gourmet sauces, spices, herbs, and seasonings. The packages come pre­cooked and already have the required amount of water in them. All you have to do is heat the package up for three minutes and its ready to eat. The packages are also made from a non­leaching, high quality grade material so you don’t have to worry about the package contaminating your meal when heated. Now for a backpack hunter this is a huge positive for me. That means I don’t have to add boiling water to a pouch to make a meal. It means I don’t have to use my drinking water to cook with, or carry around extra water for my meals. I used one today in the woods and just brought some stream water to a boil in my Jetboil, and then put the whole food pouch in the water for three minutes and then removed it. Dumped the water out and opened my pouch and enjoyed a gourmet style meal instantly. No waiting eight minutes for it to cook after dumping boiling water in the pouch. Simple, delicious, easy. I will be trying all of these meals out and deciding which flavors are my favorite, and then adding them to my essential backpacking supplies for this season. They are a great source of healthy Omega­3 and natural protein and carbs without leaving you with that overfull or bloated feeling. These are the perfect mix to add into my meal preparation to make sure I am getting enough fuel to keep me going in the back country, because I want to make each season count. Make sure you check these out, pick up a few of them and try them out before season gets here. You may fall in love with them like I did. These meals are available on their website FP11.5 FP10.5, Wholefood, Fred Meyer, New Seasons Market, PCC Natural Markets, and Market of Choice. If you would like to learn more about their products you can find a lot of information on their website, or call their 800­385­1813 ext 103, or call their Oregon number at 503­342­2424.

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