Apr 09 , 2013




I cannot stop talking about the new Equalizer release.  I honestly believe this unique and innovative release will change the world of archery hunting especially for women and those with short draw lengths.  I was introduced to this release a year ago when I was preparing to hunt the big five in Africa.   To hunt dangerous game in Africa there are certain requirements for draw weight and kinetic energy in order to make an ethical and lethal shot.  For years I thought I would never have the opportunity to hunt dangerous game because I only have a 24 1/2 inch draw length.  In order to get the kinetic energy necessary to hunt dangerous game at a 24 1/2 inch draw length I would be required to pull over 100 lbs. I was approached about a new type of release that can increase draw length, velocity and kinetic energy. This is impressive because with every inch of draw length gained, arrow speed is increased 10 fps which in turn increases kinetic energy.  By increasing my draw length from 24 1/2 inches to 28 inches, I could gain an additional 30 fps.  It sounded too good to be true, but I was willing to take a look at it because I knew there was no way I would ever draw a 100 lb. bow.  I only stand 5’2” and weigh 115 lbs.  That would be like drawing my own body weight. I spoke directly with Ric Clark the designer of the release and he was certain that it would be the answer I was looking for.  I immediately ordered one. Once I had the actual release in my hand, my first attempt to use it ended in disaster.  I received the release in the middle of the winter, so I set up an 18 yard target from my kitchen to my family room.  I attached the release to the string and began to draw back.  I made the mistake of grabbing the release the same way I hold my normal release and before I got to full draw, the arrow shot straight into my kitchen ceiling.  I never made that mistake again.  Thankfully it only took a couple of shots to get the feel of it, and the more I shot it, the better it felt.  The coolest part was, I was unable to use the Equalizer with my 24 1/2 inch bow, I had to use my husbands 28 inch draw length bow.  I couldn’t believe I was shooting my husbands top of the line bow. The Goat Tuff equalizer release is listed for $199.00, which at first seems a little steep for a release, but for that price they claim; *It increases draw length up to 3 inches. *It Increases speed and performance at the same draw weight. *It Increases stored energy for better penetration *Straight line dynamics of arm, wrist, hand and plunger trigger *Has a smooth, adjustable trigger Each of these claims listed I have personally tested and found unequivocally to be true.  For someone like me that naturally has a shorter draw length, the Equalizer release is absolutely priceless because of these multiple advantages.  However, it is not just for those with short draw lengths.   For those with a normal draw length who are looking to increase speed and kinetic energy without changing draw weight, this is the answer for them as well. Some other notable advantages I found that were not even listed are; *Ease of Use One of the things I immediately loved about the release was that it is so easy to   get  used to.  I was  shooting as good as my normal release in a matter of shots. The plunger type trigger can be adjusted for personal preference, but is designed to release with a very light squeeze from your finger.  It virtually removes any chance of punching the trigger.  I was so comfortable shooting it, that within two weeks I had two new bows with a draw length of 28 inches instead of 25 inches.  I knew this would be a permanent part of my archery set up. *Improved Shot Performance Another critical advantage that I noticed almost immediately was improved shot   performance.  At full draw you are forced to place your hand in a position that limits the possibility of torque causing the arrow to deviate to the left or right. That is a huge benefit to all bowhunters, because there are so many other variables that can interfere with a perfect shot.  All bow hunters are in search of anything that will make their shot more accurate and forgiving. *Ease of Maneuverability For bowhunters that use a strap on release, it is imperative to have a release that will not interfere or bother you while hunting.  In the field I always have my release strapped to my wrist so I am ready for a surprise shot. From my first       hunting trip with the Equalizer release I noticed that due to the design of the release, it naturally falls out of the way lessoning the interference while climbing tree stands, getting in and out of your backpack, and adding or removing another layer of clothing.  This is a great advantage that limits the need to take the   release on and off. equalizer2 I have searched everywhere to find a comparable release to the Equalizer, but was unable to find anything even remotely similar.  It is inevitable that other companies will eventually design a similar release, but at this point the Equalizer is the sole release that can increase three inches of draw length. Since I was introduced to the Equalizer, I have only found a couple of issues that could be improved.  Draw length adjustability is done by tying a nylon cord.  I found that after repetitive shots, the nylon cord would begin to loosen, which results in a change of draw length effecting shot placement. This is easily dealt with by retying the cord.  However, I must note that I spoke directly with designer of the release concerning this issue and he informed me that I had been tying it wrong.  Once I knew the proper way to tie it, I have not had a problem. The only other problem I ran into is the ability to attach the hook to the string. The attachment point for the release is located by your wrist rather than up by your fingers, so it definitely takes a little getting used to.  Once figured out, if the D-loop is aligned properly and does not move, there will never be an issue.  However, if the D-loop twists out of place, then it is more difficult to quickly attach the hook to the string in a pressured situation.  As long as you are aware of the D-loop positioning on your bow set up, this is a non issue.  In my opinion, the increase in speed and kinetic energy is well worth the small amount of time it takes to get used to this great release. I have been on multiple hunts with this release, and I love it more every time I use it.    A year ago I was blessed to shoot a trophy Dall ram at 70 yards with one shot.  My former 24 1/2 inch draw length set up would never have had enough velocity and kinetic energy to make that shot.  This is one piece of archery equipment that is worth checking into.  The Equalizer release has changed the way I can bow hunt forever! *Since the Equalizer Release was introduced two years ago some minor improvements have been made.  The plunger trigger was repositioned to move the finger further from the string and the wrist strap is now available with a double tongue buckle to spread the weight more evenly on the wrist and reduce stretching. equalizer3

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