Blacks Creek Remedy 7 Solution - Review by Clay Allen

To start off I would like to say I have been using Blacks Creek Packs and Frames for the last 6 years. I started with a Shocky Alaskan Yukon Pack because of its huge cargo space and convenient optics pockets and extras. The next pack was designed by David Long and was considerably lighter. It was a well thought out pack with great organization abilities. Unfortunately after the second season the zippers were blown out do to over packing. Both were great products that were functional packs with the ability to organize your gear and are functionally designed for maximum loads. Clay Allen - Heavy Hank Muley When I was asked to do a product review on the Remedy 7 Solutions I jumped at the opportunity. On arrival I found the pack to be slightly heavy (approximately one pound heavier than the average of the other leading brands) and overwhelmed with compression straps. Once loaded that extra pound was dissolved into the butterfly harness and the extra compression straps were all useful. Packs Remedy7 Grip Frame GripFrameVerticalGrip Frame Comes equipped with a BUTTERFLY HARNESS, this feature distributes the weight across your upper back increasing stability and ergonomics. The shoulder straps are articulating connecting behind the butterfly pad focusing the weight on the center of your core. The shoulder straps are also adjustable to raise and lower the weight depending on your body type and comfort zone. The pack can be detached from the frame and and utilized for hauling meat with two horizontal and two vertical compression straps, with or without the bag attached. Butterfly Harness Back of Pack Solution Pack This 4800 CI pack weighs in at 8.1 lbs and is constructed with military grade hardware, 1000D Cordura and YKK zippers making it durable enough for the harshest environments and tough enough to last the torturous conditions that I tend to put a pack through. Some other qualities are 14 total pockets for great organization options, sleeping bag compartment, detachable lid, day pack, plenty of compression straps, external optics pockets, and a gun boot that will accommodate a bow as well. This pack and frame was engineered to be a user friendly system built for comfort and durability. As I said before this pack was approximately 1 pound heavier than the average of the other leading brands but it is completely hidden with the weight disbursement of the harness and frame. I like the roomy cargo area along with all the extra pockets makes organization and access ability easy. The bottom pocket has an internal stuff sack for your sleeping bag. I personally would rather use the bottom pocket for other gear and attach my sleeping bag outside of the pack. I still use the secured stuff sack as a partition but feel it would be just as well without. Included with the purchase: A three pocket detachable bag comes with shoulder straps to be used as a light day pack alternative and a boot to secure your rifle or bow center of the pack to eliminate overloading one side or the other. The pros significantly outweigh the cons with this packs comfort and functional design. I intend on retiring my trusty old Jim Shockey pack and frame by Blacks Creek and utilizing the new Remedy 7 Solution this fall. Clay Allen Blacks Creek  

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