Podcast - Mike Johnson - Hunting 5 States in 1 Year, Drama Buck, Taxidermy - Part 1

In this episode of the Hunt The High Country podcast, we sit down with Mike Johnson, a big game taxidermist from Afton, Wyoming. Mike specializes in big game shoulder and full body taxidermy with a special interest in Mule Deer. Mike has worked on several of our personal deer over the past few years. Our conversation lasted a long time, so we split it into two episodes. Episode 8.1 covers Mike's 2016 season, where he hunted Sitka Blacktail deer on Prince of Wales Island, AK, mule deer in Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah, and Whitetails in Montana and Wyoming. We also discuss a locally famous buck that Mike found during the season, wounded, and lost. The buck was found by another hunter and we hear the first-hand story, and talk about wounding game and what we can do to avoid it. Billy talks briefly about shot selection, and a lot more! We hope you enjoy this episode and tune back in for part 2 where we discuss tips and tactics to preserve your trophy in the backcountry!  

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