Xpedition Archery for 2016

By Dennis Donati When it comes to choices for archery equipment, there have never been so many good options to choose from that I can remember. There have always been the big three, or four, to choose from but now there are some serious contenders out there that deserve some solid discussion and consideration. One of those that stood out to me above the others, was Xpedition Archery. FB_IMG_1454989315953 I’ve owned and shot a number of different bows over the years, and was happy with the setup I had when I first shot two of the bows offered by Xpedition Archery. Primarily based for hunting, I had long been a fan of powerful bows with higher IBO ratings, so it would translate into higher KE setups for hunting. I was blown away with their Xcentric bow the first time I shot it, being their offering of a higher IBO rated bow (354 fps IBO). The draw cycle was so smooth, it held steady at full draw, and the back wall was rock solid. Thanks to the limb stops incorporated into their bows, there is absolutely no soft, or spongy feel when anchored. Just a solid, repeatable back wall and anchor. The second bow I shot that day was the Perfexion, which is a longer axle to axle length bow that still offers great performance. At 36” axle to axle length it is still rated at 337 fps IBO, and has an incredibly smooth draw cycle. There are two cam options, allowing for draw lengths from 27.5” all the way up to 32.5”, and a number of finish options to choose from. One feature of the Perfexion that drew me in, was it comes ready for a rear/side mounted stabilizers for target shooting. So, whether you like to shoot indoor leagues or 3D tournaments, you can set this bow up to perform just how you want it for target shooting, and then still have the performance and power to hunt with it. The description in their 2016 Xpedition Archery lineup, summarizes this bow pretty well. ““Xperience Perfection”. Our motto is embodied in this bow. The perfect combination of speed, brace height, and overall length make a bow that can dominate on the target line and still provide the necessary stored energy, portability, and lightweight for a trip to the tree stand or mountain top. Archers with draw lengths all the way out to 32.5” will find the Perfexion the essential “all purpose” bow.”   The engineers at Xpedition Archery, have 48 years of Aerospace aluminum machining technology and production experience. All of the parts in these bows are produced with the same precision and tight tolerances, all done in their factory, and the bows are assembled right there. They check and shoot every bow before it ships, and if it isn’t pXpedition Archery 2erforming up to specs, it doesn’t ship until it does. They say “we do not expect to be the largest bow manufacturer but we do expect to be the best by offering the highest quality bows on the market with the shortest delivery lead times, and the most responsive customer service in the industry.” Add to that excellence to quality, precision, and customer service, a great warranty and it’s easy to see why more and more people are shooting Xpedition Archery bows. They make something for everyone, from the person looking for a faster bow that still has a nice draw cycle, to the longer axle to axle shooter who still wants good performance, to the new single cam bow with performance, easy tuning, and a smooth draw cycle. If you haven’t shot one of their bows, do yourself a favor and check them out before your next purchase. You may be surprised, and find yourself in the group of people who now say #ishootxpedition. To see their full lineup for 2016, go to their website at www.xpeditionarchery.comFB_IMG_1454989331871 or search for a local dealer near you.  

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