Using Binocular Adapters for More Effective Glassing

I wouldn't say that my hunting methods have changed very much over the past 5 years. However, every few years I'll come across a new product or method that, I feel, improves the effectiveness of my hunting. I have a tendency to want to cover a lot of country while hunting, and have the tendency to be impatient when glassing for game. When I started seeing other hunters using tripods with their 15x binos, I thought that probably wasn't for me. I prefer to carry 10x binos, and didn't see myself carrying an additional pair, or switching to a higher power due to instability when glassing with them in my hands while standing. But, I did see some value in attaching my glass to a tripod and decided to give it a try. Even with my 10x binoculars, the tripod adapter is an incredible add on that increases my endurance and comfort when glassing. It helps me take more time to cover country with glass. Any motion in my field of view is very visible with my binoculars sitting completely still. Which in turn has allowed me to find a lot more critters. The bino adapter simply allows your binoculars to be mounted securely on a tripod. The benefits are obvious when using higher power binos in  the 12x-20x range. However, you'll immediately notice the benefits, even when using a tripod adapter with your lower 8x or 10x binos. Do yourself a favor this season and pick up a bino adapter. You'll be able to stay behind the glass longer, and in turn, turn up some more critters. Here's our recommendations for some of our favorite binocular adapters: Uni-Dapter from Vortex Optics: This unit is reasonably priced at $30. There are two drawbacks to this design -- the first being that the post stays on your binoculars, adding some weight. The second is that the post simply sits down in two grooves on the base so it could get bumped off, causing your expensive glass to fall to the ground. I didn't have too much issue with it though and recommend this product from Vortex Optics. Retails for $34.00 on Field Optics Research Rapid Release Tripod Adapter: This unit does weight slightly more than the Vortex Uni-Dapter, however the reciever nut that stays attached to the binoculars is much smaller. This unit also snaps on, so your binoculars will not fall off of your tripod. Retail price: $24.95 on Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter: This unit also uses a quick release that locks the unit in place.  The Outdoorsman's adapter is available in 2 heights. I haven't had a chance to weigh this unit. Retail price: $59.99 from binocular adapters

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