Choosing RMHC Elk Calls

Choosing RMHC Elk Calls

There are a lot of elk calls available on the market, with so many options and opinions, it can be daunting to choose the best call for you. Before you do, let's examine some of the options available, and help you narrow down your selection so you can start making the sounds you want to make, and get those BIG bulls coming in close!

Diaphragm Calls:

Likely the most versatile style is the diaphragm calls. These calls are inside the mouth calls that are the best for making realistic elk sounds. Whether you want to make Big Bull, Sattelite, or cow and calf sounds, diaphragms fit the bill. You'll want  to pair them with a quality bugle tube to enhance and amplify the sounds you can make with them.

Because diaphragm calls go inside your mouth, and every mouth is shaped differently, choosing the perfect call for you can take a little bit of trial and error. Over the past few years, call makers have been taking this into account and creating different shapes, widths, and heights to fit each hunter.

While we carry a number of calls in our gear shop, this chart, created by Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls is a great resource. Personally I find the Black Magic to be my favorite in their lineup, although our most popular seller from the shop is the Raging Bull. 

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Selection Chart


External Bugle and Cow Calls:

If you can't use a diaphragm, you're likely looking at going with an external reed style call. These are typically a little easier to use, but less versatile. However, they can still be very effective. Many hunters that use diaphragms, still have an open reed cow call around their neck during September.  

This year, Rockie Jacobsen introduced the new Sure Fire Adapter which snaps onto a number of their V.E.T.T. bugle tubes where you can now marry their quality tubes with an external reed that's very easy to use and still produces great sounds.

Sure fire Adapter

If you're looking to switch things up this year, or just try a new call, let us know!

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