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Strength Training is a key component to achieving your physical goal, along with the necessary education of specific lifting routines. What most do NOT realize about strength training is how important it is over most other fitness routines. Many people that I talk to think that just doing cardio movements (Running, elliptical, biking, etc.) is enough exercise to keep them healthy and strong. Unfortunately, they could not be more wrong. Cardio is an excellent way to achieve heart health and build endurance but your heart is only one muscle, what about the rest of them?  The average person loses one pound of muscle and replaces it with two pounds of fat from the age of 30 on. What can we do to prevent this? The answer to both of these questions is STRENGTH TRAINING! I am very aware that most people unfamiliar with strength training find it intimidating and more often times they picture themselves underneath a squat rack or chest press with heavy weight. Not exactly. There are many different forms of strength training, one of which includes stretching. No matter what strength training program we choose to do, our number one priority is to protect our muscle by eating protein-rich foods and strength training regularly.


  • February 25, 2014

    Harold Barrows

    I have recently taken your advice on this to get in better shape for my hunting. It wasn’t until I hunted last fall with a 25 year old cousin of mine that I realised just how out of shape I really was/am. As of February 1st 2014, I’ve drastically changed my diet cutting out the sodas and processed sugars, really getting serious into this getting fit thing. If I may, I’d like to add advice to this article, that if you’re like me and closing in on the 40’s or even higher, take it slow and easy and make sure to stretch along with warm up your muscles prior to every workout. I’m not a professional trainer by any means but I have seriously injured myself in my younger years by thinking I was stronger than I really was and neglecting this little but important piece of quality advice. Your body will thank you!