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SLIK Pro 624 CF Tripod

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Keep your setup exremely lightweight with the SLIK Pro 624 CF lightweight carbon fiber tripod. This tripod is perfect for the backcountry hunter who wants a stable, lightweight, and rugged glassing platform.  The SLIK PRO 624 CF Tripod is our choice for Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, and Cameras during our hunts.  (Tripod only, ball or pan head sold seperately).


  • Expanded Height: 45.5 in.
  • Folded Height: 14.5 in.
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Twist Lock Legs

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Product Description

The SLIK PRO 624 CF  tripod is lightweight, compact, and durable. This tripod will easily handle your 80-90mm spotting scopes and large cameras with a rating of 8.8 lbs. The SLIK PRO 624 CF has four short leg sections that extend to 47.4 inches and fold down to 16.3 inches to easily fit in the pocket of your backpack. This pack is perfect for the hunter who doesn't need a full-size standing height tripod.

The SLIK PRO 624 CF features twist locks on the leg sections that can be unlocked at the same time with a simple twist of the wrist. This allows for fast setup and operation.

The Center column of the SLIK PRO 624 CF Tripod is also removable to save weight, or can be flipped upside down for an inverted camera. The legs feature 3 angle settings which allow for extreme low angle options for your camera, or optics.

The SLIK PRO CF and CFL tripods are our choice for our hunts due to their rugged and lightweight durability.

This tripod is also available in clip lock legs in the SLIK PRO CFL 624 model.

If you're looking for this tripod in full standing height - look at the SLIK PRO CF 634 or SLIK PRO CFL 634.

Tripod Only - Ball or Pan heads sold seperately.

1 review for SLIK Pro 624 CF Tripod

  1. Altitude Staff

    SLIK makes great tripods. I’ve used the SLIK MINI Pro II for several years, and just started using the 624 Carbon Fiber. I usually sit when I glass, so this tripod is perfect! It’s very stable, fits almost any aftermarket tripod head and is cheaper than most of the competitors.

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