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#101 Raging Bull Elk Call Diaphragm


The Raging Bull Elk Call Diaphragm is incredibly easy to use and produces excellent elk vocalizations. It features single lite latex, and is one of Rocky Mountain Game Call’s most popular elk calls – for good reason. The diapgragm calls from Rocky Mountain Game Calls are durable, realistic and easy to use!

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The Raging Bull Elk Call Diaphragm is Rocky Mountain Game Calls' most popular call. It provides awesome versatility and realistic sounds that allow you to make all bull AND cow sounds. If we could choose just one diaphragm call to have in our pocket -- this would be at the top of the list. The Raging Bull Elk Call is a single layer latex call that can produce a wide variety of pitches and realistic elk sound.

The Palate Plate Series from Rocky Mountain Game Calls is unlike other diaphragm, the Palate Plate is placed further forward in your mouth, it prevents gagging and gives you more control to produce the sounds you want. Give it a try today!

Pair the Raging bull with the new "Threat" bugle tube and have a killer combination for your upcoming hunts!


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#101 Raging Bull Elk Call Diaphragm - Altitude Outdoors