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Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles


Beef Stroganoff with noodles – a tasty backcountry meal that tastes like it’s fresh out of Grandma’s Kitchen! Mountain House meals are fast, east to prepare meals for your hunts, fishing trips, and adventures. Just add water!

  • Vacuum-sealed
  • Freeze-Dried
  • Available in Pouch (2.5 servings) or more compact Pro-Pak (2 Servings)
  • Just Add Water — Preparation instructions on pack
  • Check Gallery Image for Nutritional Information

Product Description

Enjoy a warm and tasty meal on your next backcountry adventure!

Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles delivers the comfort and flavor of a homecooked meal in an easy to make, fast meal. Just add hot water and wait a few minutes, and you'll be ready to enjoy a warm, delicious meal miles from home! Tender pieces of beef, tasty onions and mushrooms blended in a savory cream sauce over a bed of egg noodles ... Beef Stroganoff is a customer favorite, for good reason!

Available in 2 sizes

  • Pouch: Our Pouches of freeze dried meals are ideal for camping or short backpacking trips. Simply add hot water directly to the Pouch and you're ready to dig in.
  • Pro-Pak: Similar to our Pouches but air-sealed for high-altitude excursions. Whip up this filling meal in minutes - it's especially satisfying after a long day on the trail.


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Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles - Altitude Outdoors