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  • Jetboil Zip Cooking System

    The Zip Carbon from Jetboil delivers a lightweight, reliable cooking system at a great price. The Zip provides the essential functions and features of a great cook system, without the add-ons – to reduce weight and cost. The Zip includes a FluxRing © cooking cup with insulating Cargo Cozy, Fuel Stabliizer stand (tripod), drink through lid with pour spout and strainer, and bottom cover that will double as a measuring cup and bowl.


    • Lightweight: 12 oz.
    • Size: 4.1 x 6.5 inches (collapsed)
    • Ignition: Match (no included ingiter)
    • Adjustable Burner
    • Output: 4500 BTU
    • Boil Time: 2 mins 30 secs.
    • Fuel Type: Butane
    • Able to store a 100g fuel can
  • Jetboil MicroMo Cooking System

    The Jetboil MicroMo is ultralight in your pack, but gives you full control of temperatures at mealtime. The Micromo is the lightest temperature regulated system from Jetboil that comes in a compact, lightweight design that’s perfect for your next hunt.


    • Lighweight: 12 oz.
    • Reostat for temperature control – from high to boil to low simmer
    • Push Button Ingitor
    • Compact, insulated, and reliable performance
    • Can fit 4 oz fuel inside
    • Stand included
  • Optimus Crux Lite Stove

    The Optimus Crux lite backpacking stove is so lightweight that you won’t even notice it’s in your bag. At only 2.5 ounces, the Crux Lite is one of the lightest stoves on the market, while delivering an astounding 3000 W Burner that can quicly heat your water, or turn it down and simmer some fresh backstraps or trout fillets after a successful day in the backcountry!

    • Gas: Butane/propane
    • Burning time: Up to 90 minutes at full output (220 g gas cartridge)
    • Cooking time: For 1 liter water approx. 3 minutes
    • Output: Watt: 3000
    • BTU: 10‘200
    • Weight: 72 g
    • Dimensions: 71 x 57 x 56 mm
    • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Primus ETA Lite Stove

    The Primus ETA Lite is a great all-in-one backpacking stove that is compact, lightweight, and extremely stable with quick cooking times, and a long burn time to keep you going on your backcountry or frontcountry adventures. Pair the ETA Lite with your favorite backcountry meal, or morning beverage!


    • Weight: 12.7 oz
    • Burn Time: 59 minutes on 3.5 oz gas cartridge
    • Dimensions: 3.9″ x 5.1″
    • Output: 4500 BTU/h
    • Piezo Ignition
    • Gas Not Included
    $109.95 $99.95
    $109.95 $99.95
  • Biolite Campstove

    Charge while you cook, all powered by wood! The Biolite stove uses wood to create a smokeless fire to cook your meals or boil water fast. The CampStove also creates USB power to charge your cell phone, headlamp, GPS or other device while the stove is hot!