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Robby Denning Mule Deer Hunter

In this episode of the Hunt The High Country Podcast, we sit down with Robby Denning and talk Mule Deer hunting. Robby is the editor at and has decades of experience focusing on hunting BIG Mule Deer bucks. If you’re passionate about Mule Deer hunting, you probably know who Robby Denning is. We talk about his book “HUNTING BIG MULE DEER: How to Take the BEST BUCK of your Life.” We also discuss tactics and specifics on chasing mature mule deer bucks. Robby provides some fantastic insight on scouting, patterning, relocating, hunting, and killing big bucks, and tells his story of taking a great buck in 2016 in Idaho. We really appreciate his input, and willingness to let us pick his brain.

If you’re interested in picking up Robby’s book, you can find it on HERE on or purchase it through the store at

To see all of Robby’s content and get his new posts realtime — check out his BLOG.




Brad Carter

Brad was raised in Western Wyoming and was introduced to big game hunting by his father while chasing elk and mule deer in the mountains around his home. Brad started a website in 2009 called and more recently owns and manages Altitude Outdoors. He finds fulfillment in hunting big game on public land, especially Mule Deer. You can typically find Brad in the Altitude Outdoors Gear Shop in Afton, Wyoming.