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Mike Johnson Taxidermist

In this episode of the Hunt The High Country Podcast, we sit down with Mike Johnson and talk taxidermy field tips – even if you’re miles in the backcountry. Mike talks in depth about common issues he sees with his business and how to avoid problems like hair slippage, rot, and a lot more. If you hunt in the backcountry, or just a long way from a freezer, this is a great episode to listen to. Thanks to Mike for sitting down with us and talking hunting and taxidermy. If you missed part one with Mike, check it out HERE.


Brad was raised in Western Wyoming and was introduced to big game hunting by his father while chasing elk and mule deer in the mountains around his home. Brad started a website in 2009 called HuntAddicts.com and more recently owns and manages Altitude Outdoors. He finds fulfillment in hunting big game on public land, especially Mule Deer. You can typically find Brad in the Altitude Outdoors Gear Shop in Afton, Wyoming.