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Justin Finch

In this podcast episode we sat down with Justin Finch and talked about his 2016 season; tagging 3 mule deer bucks on 3 tags in 3 states with 3 weapons. We talk about filming your hunts, mule deer behavior, and hear some awesome stories from Justin about missing big bucks, and staying persistent to the end. Justin has a contagious attitude and some amazing talent for filming and editing his adventures! This episode will have you laughing and getting amped up for the upcoming season!

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Brad was raised in Western Wyoming and was introduced to big game hunting by his father while chasing elk and mule deer in the mountains around his home. Brad started a website in 2009 called HuntAddicts.com and more recently owns and manages Altitude Outdoors. He finds fulfillment in hunting big game on public land, especially Mule Deer. You can typically find Brad in the Altitude Outdoors Gear Shop in Afton, Wyoming.