2015 Schedule/Itinerary

2015 Dates/Arrival All participants need to plan on arriving no later than 6:30 pm on October 17, 2015. The hunt will take place October 18-24. Plan on departing the morning of October 25. Orientation/Cocktail Hour/Introductions All participants need to attend the orientation/cocktail hour/introduction meeting scheduled for 6:00 pm on October 17, 2015. Everyone will be required to check in and sign an Altitude Outdoors liability release at this meeting. This will take place in the Sleepy J Lodge and is a BYOB event. This will give everyone the opportunity to meet other participants and to formulate their plans for the next morning’s hunt. Dinner will be served at 7:00 pm.   Meals/Catering Each participant will be responsible for their own breakfast, lunch and snacks each day. Dinners will be catered and will be served in the lodge at 8 pm each night. Dinner Menu The dinners will be catered by the Angus Restaurant located in Swan Valley. The dinners consist of four courses, including: soup, salad, main course and two side dishes and desert. Milk and coffee will also be available with dinners. October 17 - Dinner @ 7:00 pm October 18 - Dinner @ 8:00 pm October 19 - Dinner @ 8:00 pm October 20 - Dinner @ 8:00 pm October 21 - Dinner @ 8:00 pm October 22 - Dinner @ 8:00 pm October 23 - Dinner @ 8:00 pm October 24 - Dinner @ 8:00 pm Hunting License and Deer Tag Each participant will need to purchase both a non-resident deer license and deer tag. These will need to be purchased by July 15, 2015. A digital copy of the license/tag will need to be provided to David Long.   Rules and Expectations 1. All participants are expected to remain the entire time of the outing. NO LEAVING EARLY. Even if you tag out early, we expect you to remain and either help others, or simply hang out and socialize for the remaining duration of the hunt. If you decide to leave early, you will not receive invites to future Idaho Invasions. Plan to arrive on October 17 and depart on October 25. 2. All participants are required to stay in cabins each night. NO STAYING ON THE MOUNTAIN. This is for safety reasons, as well as the fact that this hunt is designed to be a highly social outing. 3. All hunting must take place within the boundaries of hunting units 66, 67 and 69.   Idaho Invasion Awards All awards will be presented during dinner at the lodge on October 24. The Ricky Bobby Award (RBA) - The RBA will be awarded to the largest buck taken during the Idaho Invasion. The largest buck will be determined by summing the following three measurements: * Height of antlers * Width of antlers * Number of points First Place Team Awards - The First Place Team Award will be awarded to both team members who are on the winning team. The winning team will be decided by adding their individual deer scores (using same criteria as above for RBA) together. The team with the highest total wins. Past Ricky Bobby Award Winners 2014: Jason Haskell - Aberdeen, SD Past Team Winners N/A – 2015 will be the first year for the team format. Other Hunting Opportunities While participating in the Invasion, there are several other hunting opportunities you can take advantage of if you choose. * Elk – the units have OTC elk tags which can be purchased at one of the local stores after your arrival * Wolves, Bears & Mountain Lions – In Idaho, you may elect to shoot either a wolf, bear or mountain lion with your non-resident deer tag if the unit has an open season at the time (should be open but it is highly recommended you check regulations prior to hunt) Seminars/Presentations: Huskemaw Blacks Creek