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By  Keith Kline The morning of Oct. 9th 2016 found me and my hunting partner, Jake, headed west at 80 m.p.h. Our destination?……….IDAHO! Our species of focus?…….MULE DEER!   This would be my second year participating in the annual “IDAHO INVASION” hosted by Altitude Outdoors. The Idaho Invasion is a fun, social, and lighthearted hunting competition that takes place on public land

The Big Decision

At 46 years old and having been bow hunting since age 16 in my home state of Washington, I always have loved the high country and chasing animals up there with my bow. I have always read the stories and looked at the pictures of the lucky hunters who pursued the big early season bucks in the Colorado high country as I'm sure many of you have. I always chose the early deer and elk season in my home state during that time of year and let Colorado be a dream.