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Tipi's are an awesome backcountry shelter options because they're lightweight, have a ton of head room, lots of floor space for hunters and gear, and work very well with a stove during late season hunts. Many hunters are using a tipi because of it's versatility. Like most quality gear items, a quality tent or tipi can be pretty expensive. Altitude staff member,

The Perfect Satellite Communication Device for the High Country Hunter Last winter, my wife and I found out that we were expecting another child in October 2016. Some might say that this was terrible timing, but we were beyond excited with the news! I quickly realized that my fall may be a little different from years past. With the baby coming close

Anyone that has spent more than a few days in the high country has been there.  Eating freeze dried meals for days on end tends to make something seem a little off and not quite right. A quick glance at the nutritional panel on most of these meals, and it quickly becomes apparent as to the reason why. I do