Tendoys Film from Sitka Gear

Aug 02 , 2016



Tendoys Film from Sitka Gear

Does big game management ever necessitate complete population removal? Wild Sheep are amazing and unique critters, but they are also sensitive to disease spread by domestic livestock. Herds can struggle for decades and never rebound after contracting pnemonia and similar illnesses from domestic sheep. Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks initiated a plan to remove 30-40 sheep in the sheep unit 315 in order to re-introduce a disease free herd. This is a complex issue, many folks are apposed to this action, while many others agree that this may be the best course of action. Similar herds in other states have a very difficult time rebounding from diseases like this. Removal and re-introduction hasn't been common practice, so if you're interested in Wild Sheep conservation like we are, you may want to pay attention to this process over the next few years. Sitka gear and the Wild Sheep Foundation teamed up to release this short film called "Tendoys." It follows the story of the bighorn sheep cull and explores the conversation and context of the sheep restoration efforts in Montana's Tendoy range. Watch it now! https://vimeo.com/174945749

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