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Trekker Outdoor Gear – TREKKER Gaiter Review Trekker Outdoor Gear was founded in 2017 by avid outdoorsman and hunter Sean Morgan. After “many years of disappointment, Sean came to the realization that he needed to create gear that would fit his exact needs. Sean later purchased  a small sewing machine and began designing various prototypes in order to meet his needs. Over the following year, Sean tested many of his creations in the field and shared them with family and friends. Interest began to grow and the Trekker Outdoor Gear Company was born! Trekker Outdoor Gear Logo Trekker Outdoor Gear specializes in low profile gaiters. “TREKKER Gaiters are designed to prevent rocks, dirt, debris,and moisture from entering your boots or shoes by providing a layer of protection for your footwear and footwear lacing.” These gaiters are “made to be streamline and seamless so that nothing is able to snag on the exterior of the gaiter during use.” TREKKER Gaiters “can be used on a variety of boots & shoes in mid to low height, including leather hiking boots, leather hiking shoes, and material trail running shoes.”These gaiters “may be worn with shorts or pants; and are made of comfortable and quiet fabric which are ideal for trekking, hiking, and trail running in all seasons of the year.” Trekker Outdoor Gear Gaiters TREKKER Gaiter Features:
  • SNAPS: Top & Bottom Closure Snaps.
  • ELASTIC: Top Containment Elastic Band.
  • VELCRO: Front Entry Velcro.
  • VELCRO: Heel Secured Velcro w/ Sticky Back Velcro Strip. (Optional)
  • HOOK: Front Lace Hook w/ Double Rivets.
  • STRAP: Paracord Instep Loop Strap w/ Eyelets. (Easily Replaceable). First Impressions: I was impressed with Trekker Outdoor Gear’s ability to ship my gaiters the same day as ordering. The gaiters arrived within a few days and were delivered in a streamline and compact package. Upon un-boxing, I was surprised at the simplicity, yet, thoroughness of the instructions. Upon inspection the gaiters are made of a light weight, durable fabric, with simple; yet, functional features. Once setting the paracord instep loop, I tried them with every pair of hiking boots, running shoes, and pants/shorts that I have. The form and fit were perfect with each combination that I tried. I quickly realized that the TREKKER gaiters are so much easier to don and doff as compared to other brands of low profile gaiters. This is due to the ability to put the gaiter on while wearing your boot/shoe via the front entry Velcro. I also observed that I didn’t have to adjust the instep loop when changing footwear. This was also a plus. From my initial inspection the TREKKER gaiters seemed to stand up to the marketing, and I was looking forward to putting them to use and testing them on the mountain. Trekker Gaiters Post Season Perspective: I have worn the TREKKER gaiters over multiple months of high country scouting, trail running, early archery season, and now rifle season. After numerous days of straight use, I can concur that my initial impressions of the form, fit, and function of these gaiters still hold true. Having had issues in the past with gaiters bunching up after prolonged hiking, I was pleased that the TREKKER gaiters stayed where they were designed to rest during every sustained, complex, and dynamic movement required by the mountain. This was even true when used in conjunction with my Sitka Mountain Pant. Thinking back, I can never recall having any debris or outside moisture enter my boot due to the environmental barrier provided by the TREKKER gaiter.This has been a great asset due to blister prevention and overall comfort of my feet. It has also saved me time from having to stop and remove my boot in order to eliminate foreign contaminants as I was previously finding myself doing. As far as durability, the material of my TREKKER gaiters continue to look and function as the day that it arrived. This is true even after multiple washings and coarse removal of mud and other debris at various times.I have recently noticed slight abrasions and fraying of the paracord instep loop. However, this is to be expected due to the placement of the loop on the bottom of the shoe/boot. This is easily replaceable and will not be a problem when it comes time to swap it out. It also should be noted that the paracord instep loop did loosen a few times from its initial position after multiple days of use, but was easily retied. I have observed that during the early season, my boots did not breathe as well and retained more heat with the TREKKER gaiters on. This did cause my feet to perspire more; however, it was manageable and my feet were able to function just as before with no increased risk for breakdown. It should be noted that I actually purposely donned the gaiters in the later seasons in order to retain more heat within my boots. This aided greatly to the comfort of my boots and I was able to wear my early season boots longer, despite the sudden drop in temperature. The only thing that I do wish is that the TREKKER gaiters came in a more conducive color to match my Sitka. The Realtree pattern just doesn’t do it for me! Sean, can we get something to better match my Optifade, please?! J Conclusion: Overall, I am pleased with all aspects of the TREKKER gaiter and has met all of my expectations in a good piece of gear. I believe that Trekker Outdoor Gear has a very well thought out and functional product that does live up to the marketing. I look forward to personally using the TREKKER gaiters for many years and feel that they have been a great addition to my kit. If you are looking for a great gaiter give the TREKKER gaiter a try! I’m sure that you will not be disappointed. You can find more information on TREKKER gaiters and all of their products at

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