Sitka Gear - Kelvin Lite Hoody Review

Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody - The new Kelvin Lite Hoody is a newly designed offering from Sitka Gear in 2017. It's built as a lightweight insulating layer that doubles as a pretty awesome every day jacket, or outer layer for fair weather days. The DWR finish on the outer shell and side panels keeps moisture out in light rain and snow. The streamlined wrist cuffs and form fitting hood make for a very comfortable fit vs. the wrist cuffs on a lot of other insulating/down layers. The Kelvin Lite Hoody features  Primaloft Hi-Loft insulation (80g/m2) that is surprisingly warm and lightweight at only 17.2 oz on my scale (size L). I bought  up the Kelvin Lite in Dirt (Brown) color before my October hunts this year. I had a previous iteration of the Kelvin Lite jacket, but wanted something that had an insulated hood that I could use in the mid season when temps are well below freezing at night and may reach into the 50's or 60's during the day. I found this jacket to be very breathable, lightweight, and warm. After a few days of hunting, I stopped carrying my Jetstream jacket and would wear the Kelvin Lite Hoody instead - as an outer layer on dry days, and under a rain shell on other days. One of my favorite things about this jacket is the sleeve cuff is not hard elastic that digs into your wrist. Rather it uses a polyester "jersey gusset" that makes for a very comfortable, tapered and fitting cuff that stays where it needs to be and easily slides under an outer layer if needed. Cuff of KElving Lite Hoody Jacket The hood is for fitting, features 5 panels, and stays on in high winds. Even though the Lite Hoody is very breathable, I was also surprised at how well it stopped the wind. This has become my favorite jacket from Sitka, and will be a mainstay for my high country hunts, and my mid and late season hunts.  This jacket is a serious home run from the guys over at Sitka Gear You can see all the info on the Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody at Hunting in Kelvin Lite Hoody  

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