Scouting Clothing List

My clothing system for scouting in July and August is relatively straight forward and doesn’t change too much. During this time of year, temperatures typically dip down into the high 30’s or low 40’s at night, but daytime temps are relatively warm and you typically see a high near 70 degrees. Because of this, I know I don’t need to pack too many extra layers knowing that I won’t see any extreme weather conditions. With that being said, I always check the forecast before heading out and make necessary changes if needed, but normally an afternoon thunder shower is usually about the worst I will see this time of year. My scouting system consists of four upper body and three lower body layers. Honestly, I could get by without the base layers, but I prefer to have them for those colder mornings while sitting stationary for hours on my vantage point while glassing. In addition, they also make sleeping a bit more comfortable. Here is the Sitka scouting system I will be going with in 2015: upper1 Upper Body (all sizes large) Core Lightweight Crew LS 5.6 oz Core Midweight Zip-T 9.6 oz Kelvin Down UL Jacket 11 oz Dewpoint Jacket 12.7 oz lower1 Lower Body (all sizes large) Core Lightweight Bottom 4.8 oz Ascent Pant 19.6 Dewpoint Pant 10.4 oz necessities1 Necessities Stretch Fit Cap 0.2 oz Merino Beanie 1.6 oz Traverse Glove 2.6 Sitka Bomber Belt 4.0 oz

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