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Trent Williams

Like most people, Trent caught the hunting bug thanks to his Dad, Glen, letting him tag along at a young age, even when it wasn't convenient. The early years of hunting birds and small game has now turned into a full blown addiction towards all things outdoors. His dad will be the first to tell you that Trent has taken it farther than he ever thought possible. Nowadays, one season rolls right into another for Trent. Spring turkey and bear, fishing and scouting in the summer months, big game in the fall, and ice fishing in the winter is now his year is structured. But for Trent, nothing beats the sights, sounds, and challenges of hunting big, bugling, public land bull elk in September. It's a "dream hunt" that he's grateful he gets to go on every year!
Trent with a dandy buck antelope

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December 14, 2017
Trent Williams, Author at Altitude Outdoors