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Sitka Traverse Zip-T The Traverse Zip T is “an abrasion-resistant outer layer for mild days and an insulating mid layer for the cold. The durable knit outer face fabric protects a soft fleece backer that traps warm air to distance your skin from the elements. The half zip pullover construction with zippered chest pocket delivers a tailored fit. Sleeves break below

Trekker Outdoor Gear – TREKKER Gaiter Review Trekker Outdoor Gear was founded in 2017 by avid outdoorsman and hunter Sean Morgan. After “many years of disappointment, Sean came to the realization that he needed to create gear that would fit his exact needs. Sean later purchased  a small sewing machine and began designing various prototypes in order to meet his needs.

The Perfect Satellite Communication Device for the High Country Hunter Last winter, my wife and I found out that we were expecting another child in October 2016. Some might say that this was terrible timing, but we were beyond excited with the news! I quickly realized that my fall may be a little different from years past. With the baby coming close

Anyone that has spent more than a few days in the high country has been there.  Eating freeze dried meals for days on end tends to make something seem a little off and not quite right. A quick glance at the nutritional panel on most of these meals, and it quickly becomes apparent as to the reason why. I do