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Basic Description: New, with some incredible added features is KUIU’s ICON PRO 7200 pack system. After listening to their vast network of outfitters/guides and extreme mountain hunters KUIU designed their ICON PRO SERIES to be extremely durable, tough and capable of carrying very heavy weight loads. The revised carbon fiber frame is stiffer, stronger and functions in unison with a new

BASIC DESCRIPTION: HILLEBERG, THE TENTMAKER continues its long standing tradition of designing incredibly strong, comfortable tents. The SOULO is an extremely roomy, one-man, 5 season tent that is practically “bomb proof.” A dome style, free-standing tent, the SOULO is simple and quick to pitch with the outer shell attached to the inner tent so your rainfly goes up first. This tent exhibits outstanding internal space for one person as well as comfortable headroom. If you are truly looking for a one man tent that is capable of standing up to the fury of the fiercest of Mother Nature’s storms, then look no further than the SOULO. Very seldom do I give tents a *5 Star rating but I did this one!

It was a beautiful morning, September, 15th 1952.  The temperature was 39 degrees at 6:00 am. My grandpa, Albert D. Bazzanella was getting things ready to head to the south country on a typical deer hunt.  The "South Country" where my grandfather was planning to hunt, is about a 2 hour drive from his home town of Rock Springs, Wyoming.  He would drive to Baggs Wyoming where he would then head south for about another hour.  This country, at that time, was prime deer country!  Back then, anyone above 11 years of age, could purchase any of the big game animal tag and hunt them anywhere in the state of Wyoming.  This area was my grandpa’s favorite area.  I remember as a very young boy going hunting in this same area with my grandpa and my dad, years later, and passing up 26 and 28 inch bucks because it was too early in the day for them to kill anything...grandpa would say, "The day will be ruined!"  Anyway, back on track...my grandpa was putting his Winchester model 94, 30-30 lever action rifle into the Jeep and realized that he didn't have any shells for it.  By this time, it's around 7:00 am.  Mike's Sporting Goods was the only sporting goods store in Rock Springs and it didn't open until 8:00 am.  That didn't bother grandpa, because he knew that he would have no problem harvesting a buck deer anytime throughout the day.

Equipment choice, Arrows and Broadheads: Last month I discussed the topic of choosing the right bow for you. The next step in the core element of equipment choice is arrows and broadheads. There are so many things to consider when choosing arrows and broadheads that I will again just cover the very basics to help you get started. As you research each topic more thoroughly, you will gain a better understanding of how and why to choose the various combinations of arrows and broadheads.