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Athlon Ares 15-45x60mm ED Spotting Scope Review - Exceptional Performance at an even better price! We're all searching for the perfect glass combination, especially in spotting scopes that are lightweight, gather light, and deliver a crisp and bright image, and are affordable. The old adage goes "You get what you pay for!" While that rings particularly true with optics, I've been

Mule Deer Winter Kill States: What should we expect? Many of us who live, or hunt in the intermountain west realize that this past winter was a tough one on many of our big game animals; particularly mule deer and pronghorn antelope. Areas that are susceptible to winter mortality were hit hard with record snow levels and reports from game managers

In this episode of the Hunt The High Country podcast, we sit down with Mike Johnson, a big game taxidermist from Afton, Wyoming. Mike specializes in big game shoulder and full body taxidermy with a special interest in Mule Deer. Mike has worked on several of our personal deer over the past few years. Our conversation lasted a long time,

Tipi's are an awesome backcountry shelter options because they're lightweight, have a ton of head room, lots of floor space for hunters and gear, and work very well with a stove during late season hunts. Many hunters are using a tipi because of it's versatility. Like most quality gear items, a quality tent or tipi can be pretty expensive. Altitude staff member,